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Canada Port Authorities are governed by the Canada Marine Act. Schedule 1 of the Contraventions Regulations, identifies federal offences that are designated as contraventions.

Transport Canada is proposing an amendment to the Contraventions Regulations, which would provide enforcement officers with an appropriate tool to promote compliance with driving and parking instructions posted on signs or devices while on Port Authority property. This would address:

  • Unauthorized parking that impedes the flow of traffic in and out of a port; and
  • Port safety and security concerns.

How? The amendment would:
  • Add a new Part under Schedule I of the Contraventions Regulations titled Port Authorities Operations Regulations (PAOR)
  • Designate as a contravention, the offence under paragraph 11(2)(a) of the PAOR with an associated fine of $100.00.


The Contraventions Act makes it possible for an enforcement officer, such as those designated within Canada Port Authorities, to issue tickets for certain federal offences on Port Authority property as an alternative to criminal proceedings.  The Contraventions Regulations:

•    Identify federal offences designated as contraventions,
•    Establish a short-form description; and
•    Set an applicable fine for each contravention.

We want your feedback on this proposal. We would like to hear your ideas as well as the potential impacts the proposed amendments may have on your community or organization. Please provide your feedback in the following questionnaire.

Please complete this questionnaire by May 31, 2017.

If you have questions about the proposed amendment, please write to us at; or by telephone at (613)-993-4289.

Please Note: Transport Canada will:

•    Review and consider all comments we receive through this feedback form.     
•    Save these comments in files subject to the Access to Information and Privacy Acts.

Please click “Submit” to submit your response(s). This will complete the questionnaire. Thank you for your feedback.